Making Sense of Social Media Advertising

Making Sense of Social Media Advertising

Is it necessary to advertise the business on social media? This is the most common question that many small businesses are continuously asking today. A clear answer is that it depends. Actually, it depends on your target audience as well as your marketing goals. The majority of small businesses can get extreme benefits from a well-designed social media advertising strategy.  The main thing is that you need to ensure you are using the right social media platform for the purpose of making your strong customer base.

Each social media platform has its own benefits and drawbacks, and people use them for multiple reasons. For example, people who use Facebook regularly for business purposes may not be on LinkedIn or Instagram and vice versa. And for each platform, targeting paid ads are quite different from each other. So it is advisable to not make the mistake of adopting a one size fit all advertising strategy. Instead, it is recommended to research your customer base first in order to find which platform they are using and how they are using it. Plus, you should figure out how advertising on different social media platforms matches your entire online marketing plan.


This advertising option is the best option that helps you to grow your Facebook fan base. During the process of vetting, the majority of people will visit your Facebook page, and when these people click “like ” on your content on Facebook, it aids to build your credibility. For example, if you have likes on your posts and videos in a million and your competitors only have a few hundred likes, this will help in making you look more connected and entrenched in the community.

Some other benefits of advertising through Facebook is that you are fully allowed to target the audience based on age, gender, interest, relationship status, and geographic region. You should remember that Facebook is designed to be more casual and personal relationship-oriented, and the users of Facebook do not expect any kind of hard sell. So if you are willing to advertise your business through Facebook, you should keep your ads simple, have a clear call to action, and make your product or services stand out from the crowd.


Twitter is designed to be faster-paced, and you can see it is more relevant to news and current events. It is quite essential to curate catchy and compelling content as it can position you as a good and thought leader. The ads on the Twitter platform allow you to catch the attention of the audience to your thought leadership and do optimal promotion of your account to others who have similar interests like yours.

If you want to promote specific tweets to people who are not your followers, then you need to pay for the promotion. Currently, people are not able to access sites through Twitter ads; this is the reason why this platform is used along with other platforms. There are two things that should be remembered while advertising through the Twitter platform. People who use Twitter only follow you and interact with you in case if you are uploading tweets that are relevant to their interests. The second thing to remember is that there is no value in Twitter advertising unless you are tweeting from your actual account.


This is undoubtedly one of the best platforms for B2B advertising as people are doing business on this platform. Through this platform, you are allowed to target the individuals that are based on the companies they work for, positions, or specific job titles. Additionally, targeting job titles enables you to narrow down your ads to those people and users of LinkedIn who are interested in your services or products. Moreover, the best benefit of using LinkedIn advertising is that it has its own self-service and network, which is called DirectAds. So through this social media advertising, you have the option to display ads and sponsorships.

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